Let’s share an understanding of what’s bringing you to the practice today.


You are unique

Every time I see a new client just like you, I look forward to exploring what has brought them to see me that day. We will talk about what has been troubling you and I will spend time getting to know you as a whole person, and not just ‘the problem’.

You do you

I welcome all of you into our sessions together. The consultation may take one session, or several sessions. We will go at your pace. I understand that it may take some time for you to feel able to share what you really need to talk about. We will build a trusting and safe space together, however long that takes.

Bringing the science

At the end of our consultation we will think about what could work best for you to reach your goals. As a clinical psychologist I am trained in several approaches and have a keen eye on the evidence of what works best for whom. I will bring my experience and expertise so that we can make an effective plan together. You can read more about the approaches I use and problems I work with here.

No obligation

There is no obligation to continue with therapy sessions after the consultation. I also accept referrals for one off consultations and extended assessments.