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How to build resilience through compassionate self awareness and redefine what brings you value and fulfilment every day

Do you find yourself dreading Monday morning? Does your week fly by in a blur of meetings and emails with little time to yourself? Would you like to embrace the week with a new sense of direction and a tried and tested toolkit to tackle moments of stress and increased self-care and compassion?

In my series of three fortnightly workshops we will go on a journey together; starting with increasing resilience and self-compassion, to building a clearer understanding of your unique stressors and how to address these. We will finish with identifying the directions that you value in your life and relationships and that you can focus on for a renewed sense of fulfilment every day.

Sundays need not be a day of dread but a time when we can come together as a small supportive group to take this journey together.

For the price of just one consultation, you will receive 6 hours of personal insights and skills you can apply straight away.

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